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2013 Economic Impact Report

The future of healthcare is moving "home" as reflected in the Triple Aim of the Affordable Care Act of 2010: better care, affordable care and improved health are cornerstones of the homecare and hospice industry. Being cared for at home is preferred and home health consumer satisfaction is high. It is cost-effective compared to institutional care, and homecare providers continually demonstrate their effectiveness in managing chronic conditions and reducing hospitalizations.

PHA contracted with Pittsburgh-based firm Tripp Umbach to measure the economic, employment and government revenue impacts of the three sectors providing in-home care - home health (medical care), private duty homecare (personal care) and hospice (end-of-life care) - on Pennsylvania's economy. The economic and social impacts outlined in the final report are critical to understanding the value of this growing industry.

Impact of the Homecare and Hospice Industry on Pennsylvania's Economy (October 2013)

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