2017 Pennsylvania Homecare and Hospice Compensation Survey

In today’s volatile labor market, agencies need the most accurate and timely salary data available. You ask, PHA answers! Nearly 80 organizations participated in the 2017 edition of the Pennsylvania Homecare and Hospice Compensation Survey conducted by Gallagher Surveys on behalf of PHA. As a thank you for their efforts, all survey participants have received a free copy of the final salary report. Other organizations can purchase the report for $100.

The survey found that even though acute care hospitals and homecare agencies provide different services within the community, they both employ people in many of the same jobs and are often direct competitors in the labor market. While it is usually assumed that acute care hospitals always pay higher than either homecare or hospice agencies, the data in the survey demonstrates that is not always the case. For example, physical and occupational therapists earn more in the homecare and hospice setting than in hospitals, 4.46% and 1.53% more respectively.

For similar positions, hospitals pay roughly 7% more than either homecare or hospice agencies overall. But, that differential is not uniform across all jobs or disciplines. Hospitals pay significantly more for nursing positions, while homecare and hospice pay more for rehabilitation positions.

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