Advocacy in Action

Telling Legislators about the Importance of Bringing Care Home

Advocacy All-Star!

PHA congratulates Public Policy Committee member Stanley Rynkiewicz, RN, MSN, WCC, DWC, CCS, NHA, Administrator for Deer Meadows Home Health and Support Services, for his outstanding advocacy efforts. He meets regularly with legislators, including State Reps. Donna Bullock (D-195) (left), Jason Dawkins (D-179) (center), and Angel Cruz (D-180) (right), to discuss the importance of bringing care home.

He also recently gave State Rep. John J. Taylor (R-177) an inside look at home-based care by inviting him on a home visit in Northeast Philadelphia to observe a patient receiving skilled nursing services. Rynkiewicz said it is important to show legislators how home-based care can keep seniors at home and decrease unnecessary emergency room visits and hospitalizations. "This visit went a long way to share with our lawmakers the types of services that Deer Meadows provides in our community," he said. Click here to learn more about HomePAC and how to become involved with your local state or federal legislators. 

Pediatric Providers Begin Receiving $5/hour Increase Due to PHA Member Advocacy

On July 13, the House and Senate passed and Gov. Wolf signed the fiscal code bill, which included language that specifies there are funds in the state budget for a $5 per hour increase in the fee-for-service (FFS) schedule rate for pediatric shift nursing services provided by RNs and LPNs effective July 1 (from $40 to $45). Since then, a Medical Assistance Bulletin and PA Bulletin announcement have implemented this increase for FFS claims and any managed care provider contract that is tied to the FFS rate. As of January 1, 2017, managed care organizations whose provider contracts do not reference the FFS rate will also be required to increase their negotiated rates by $5/hour. This is all thanks to the advocacy of our members during State Lobby Day in May!