PHA staff is always here to help coordinate meetings with your elected officials in their district offices. If you would prefer to set up a meeting on your own, here are some tips to help arrange your visit. 

  1. Click here to look up your elected officials using the Legislative Action Center.
  2. Find the phone number for the district office nearest to you.
  3. Here is a sample script for you to use:

Hi, my name is [NAME] and I’m your constituent calling from [CITY].

I am calling to set up a meeting with Senator/Representative [LAST NAME] to talk about the current needs of home-based care providers. What is Senator/Representative [LAST NAME's] availability to meet in [HIS/HER] district office or another convenient location in the district?

[If the staff person asks for additional information, provide a short summary on the issues using the resources and talking points provided here.]

Thank you for setting up this meeting and I look forward to talking with Senator/Representative [LAST NAME] on [DATE/TIME] at [LOCATION].

Once your meeting is scheduled, get prepared by utilizing PHA's talking points, issue briefs, and fact sheets. Contact Alex McMahon if you need additional support in scheduling or preparing for your meeting. Please keep us posted on the outcome of your visit!