Bringing Care Home

At PHA, we hear every day from our members about the thousands of families throughout the state who are looking for ways to help their aging loved ones to remain at home. While planning for aging, illness and end-of-life care may not necessarily be topics that people are eager to discuss, they are important and critical conversations that families need to have. Many people are not planning ahead for the inevitable - that one day their parents, spouses and even themselves, may not be able to do everything they once could.

Just like that infamous moment when parents impart the wisdom of the "birds and the bees" on their budding teenagers, we believe this is another "must have" conversation on the continuum of life - the talk about what our parents' - what OUR - wishes are as we grow older.

This resource includes a documentary that follows three families as they seek resources and make decisions related to the care and well-being of their parents, and eventually themselves. The companion guidebook can be used as a roadmap to have this important conversation with your parents or loved ones. It is our hope that this resource will also plant a seed for baby boomers, who are now taking care of their aging parents, to start to think about what they want as they age.