Secrets No One Told You About Family Caregiving

Choosing to help your loved one with his or her daily care is a deeply rewarding yet deeply difficult decision to make.

PHA has developed this resource to offer some of the practical advice you may find you’ll need. Our member agencies are strong believers in keeping families together, at home, where they most want to be, so you've made a good choice in choosing them to help your family! We wish you the best in your journey to help your loved one be safe and cared for at home. Please know that you are not alone. Thousands of Pennsylvanians are doing what you are, and many resources exist to help you!








Practical Help at Your Fingertips!

Another resource is the more than 60 free online training videos on PHA’s My Learning Center, featuring more practical tips and how-tos on safety, how dementia affects the brain, specific diseases like diabetes and ALS, and so much more. Each video includes expert information to help you understand some conditions better, as well as real-world knowledge from professional caregivers. Throughout this resource, click on the green play symbol to visit the My Learning Center site featuring a video with more information on that topic.