Utilizing social media is a simple way to help amplify your advocacy efforts and continue to build public awareness on the issues you support. Social media is a great way to engage your personal network, media, and elected officials.

PHA has developed social media tips and resources to help you get started. 

Tips to Make the Most of Your Post

  1. Connect with PHA. The easiest way to use social media to support PHA's advocacy efforts is to follow our channels and engage with our posts. Every like, comment, and share helps connect our messages to your network. 
  2. Follow your elected officials. If you don't already follow your elected officials, use our directory to find your legislators' social media handles.
  3. Follow your local media. Engaging with local media on social platforms is a great way to help build public awareness. Use our directory to help get connected to your local media outlets. 
  4. Share your own content. Take your advocacy efforts to the next level by creating your own posts. This is your opportunity to add your own thoughts and experiences with your network. PHA has developed a number of social media graphics that you can use to help make your posts stand out.
    •  Check back often for new content to use! 
  5. Remember to tag your target audiences. Don't forget to tag your target audiences (@elected officials, @media outlets, and @pha) when you re-share PHA posts or post your own content. Not only does tagging your target audiences ensure that they're seeing your message, it also allows their network of followers to be engaged with your content, too. 
    • Pro-tip: If you're planning to send a Letter to the Editor (LTE), don't forget to share your final version on social media (and tag the media outlet and your elected officials) to make sure that you're LTE gets noticed! 
  6. Use hashtags. Use hashtags in your posts to help make it easier for your network to find other posts related to our advocacy efforts. PHA encourages you to use our hashtags:
    • #elevatehomecare
    • #careathome
  7. Maximize events. Use events like Advocacy Day to generate buzz on our issues. By focusing social media efforts around specific events, we're able to coordinate our advocates and make a statement.  PHA will be live-posting during the event and will be encouraging all participants to share on social throughout the day.
    • Don't forget to use the tips listed above when posting during an event - using hashtags and tags will help us create strong, unified message that legislators and media will notice!  

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