Partner-In-Care: 3 Steps To Take Before Opening Your Home

Bringing a professional into your home, and trusting that person not only with your loved one but with your valuables, can feel a bit intrusive. Take these proactive steps to feel more comfortable with the caregiver in your home.

Do Your Homework

Ask the agency you’ve hired about its screening and training process. All caregivers must undergo a criminal background check. In addition, results of the agency’s surveys by the Department of Health are posted online at

Set Boundaries

While you’ll want to create a level of comfort and rapport with your professional caregiver, establish limits that will keep your privacy and household safety intact. For example, it’s OK to make areas of your home off limits to caregivers.

Protect Your Belongings

Instead of giving your caregiver a set of keys, purchase a lockbox. Place it outside your house with keys inside, allowing the caregiver to type in a code to retrieve them. You can easily change codes when you no longer want a caregiver to have access. Store valuables in a safe, and keep copies of important documents in a safe place. Also make note of all medications and any narcotics your loved one may be taking to ensure the pills are going only to them.

Hiring A Pro To Get More Done

  • Tell your homecare aide and agency what you expect. They can’t do what you want if they don’t know what you want
  • If your loved one doesn’t like the caregiver after several visits, tell the agency. It’s OK! The important thing is for your loved one to feel comfortable
  • If your caregiver is consistently late, talk about it. If the issue can’t be resolved, talk to the agency
  • Have backup plans for care if your regular caregiver is sick. Your agency should have a plan, so know its protocol
  • Regular meetings and open communication with your homecare aide and the agency can solve problems before they arise
  • Ask questions! Professionals can give you tips on just about anything, from how to help your loved one get dressed to ways to avoid depression to a new food to try for dinner


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